At the 100 Club

Filming punk bands performing at the legendary club the other night. Was given ear plugs by the bar staff as the whopping sound made the ears bleed. Helpful staff on hand as we tried to find a place to do interviews without too much background noise. Ended up on the fire escape with the rain tipping down, with risk of lights blowing.

Some of the bands have been going since the 70s and they’re still as angry as ever – of course Bojo is as likely to inspire rage as Thatcher did so there are new punk bands too.


Around the Gold Coast, Queensland

We’ve been sailing around Cairns and also filming in Queensland, interviewing people for our music doco ‘Dirt Music.’

Had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the charming singer-songwriter Troy Cassar-Daley and next week we are meeting with and interviewing the legendary country artist Bill Chambers.

Here’s a short vid of us on the boat coming back into Cairns, having free moored just off Fitzroy Island.





Drama Conference: Sight/Unseen

Aurora Metro has organised a unique event for people to explore and celebrate the plays of writers from both Southeast Asia and from the British East Asian community. 

With playreadings, talks and discussions, this exceptional 2 day event offered a rare experience of meeting and talking with leading writers and theatre-makers from Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Korea as well as many of the most important East Asian theatre practitioners working in the UK today. 

The event offered a great opportunity for networking and opened a fresh discussion of the various issues affecting theatre-making in the UK and Southeast Asia with the aim of fostering greater mutual understanding and cross-cultural exchange.




Brumby Media Group was there to film the live event and will soon release a training film: an effective method for informing, engaging and teaching available online.




Filming Virginia Woolf in Richmond

Trailer for our short film Virginia Woolf in Richmond.

Brumby Media Group have realised a short film to support the campaign launched by Aurora Metro Arts to raise £50.000 to fund and erect a full-size statue of Virginia Woolf in Richmond-upon-Thames, where she lived with her husband and founded the Hogarth Press.

It would be the first ever full figure life-size statue dedicated to one of the most influential women writers of the 20th century, we think she deserves this.

TV presenter and author Bamber Gascoigne and author Anne Sebba were interviewed for the film, and actor Eleanor Hafner embodies the famous writer and feminist icon Virginia Woolf.

Donations can be at: Or if you’d like to know more, follow us on twitter @vwoolfstatue and on facebook VirginiaWoolfStatue. 


Richmond Deer Park

We went to Richmond Deer Park to film a book trailer for a Danish bestselling children’s book, now in English. The skies grew grey and overcast and it tipped down, drenching the crew and child actor Owain. Thor must have been watching as the book is about the Nordic Gods.


A hasty retreat to the cafe in Pembroke Lodge saw us right again.

For more information about the book, click here.


Filming Nashville’s Americana Festival

So many great musicians and singer/songwriters in Nashville for the Americana Festival. We had the privilege to meet and film many of them from USA,UK, Australia and Canada.

Hurricane Irma swept through the town one night dousing the town in rain for a day or two but that didn’t dampen spirits or stop audiences from rocking out to the beat of so many talented artists.

We captured hours of music gigs and got some great interviews with Yola Carter, Kasey Chambers, Lindi Ortega, Valerie June and top music producer at RCA Dave Cobb.

We also got invited to Pete Frampton’s studio to interview the musician about his early days in The Herd and Humble Pie. 


The documentary is definitely coming together. Check out our teaser:


In search of Aussie Roots Music

We’ve been out to the Hunter valley, filming in 45 degrees for our new doco about Country Music.
Great drone shots of the valley and good interviews in the can.

Bit of a shock that the power was out when we arrived at our accomodation – that also meant no water as the pump was off.

lucky we had a torch in the car.

the stars out there were awesome though – no light pollution.